Sales maker or order taker, which one are you?

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Your choice to be one or the other is the difference between sustainable success and deliberate failure.

Order Takers often refer to themselves as great servers. They love to be friends with their clients and although they don’t feel it – are on the back foot in negotiation.

Put simply, Order Takers are at the mercy of the market and ultimately their competition. When times are good the orders flow but when the market toughens it’s the Sales Makers who do the business.

Sales Makers think of themselves as sales leaders. They are trusted advisors that are still prepared to challenge assumptions and educate a client to make a sale. Mutual respect is high on their agenda.


Order Takers

Wait for leads to call them. Make excuses or complain when they don’t.

Fear questioning. Would never challenge a client and will take no for an answer rather than skillfully helping a client overcome their objections to discover a way forward.

Rely on others for success and are constantly ‘let down’ by their own inaction

“I asked them to set up the meeting but they didn’t….. oh well”


Sales Makers

Embody conviction when faced with objections and explore alternatives

Are perceptive. They know to act on the subtle cues a client displays when feeling unsure.

Create strategies and goals to hold themselves accountable.

But a Sales Maker is much more than that. Sales Makers ‘take ownership’ in a business. (Order Takers? Treat work as nothing more than a job). Sales Makers set strategies in order to exceed targets. (Order Takers? Hope they will get another client in time to pay the bills). Sales Makers consistently improve and refine skills to stay ahead in their field. (Order takers? Keep their fingers crossed and use the same old techniques they’ve used for years). Sales Makers show their clients what is possible, overcome objections and spark inspiration. (Order Takers? Only do as they are asked and fail to impress).


What are you – Sales Maker or Order Taker?

It’s your choice – and so is success!


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