The business skill you will fail without

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If you don’t have a dedicated sales arm you must have dedicated sales skills.

The story of the starving artist is not uncommon. And we all know of people who are unfathomably talented,  and who have years and years of solid experience, yet their businesses flounder, hovering on collapse year after year until you realise, if they weren’t so talented or competent, they wouldn’t have a business at all.

Too often we see businesses owners spending time and money honing their skills and becoming deeply knowledgable about their industry while their profit and loss statements are significantly more loss than profit.

Regardless of your industry area, or how niche your niche is – what you need to be a success are business skills.

But even within the suite of business skills you need, the single skill you cannot succeed without is sales.

Businesses who prioritise sales skills as number one have

  • Steadier cash-flow
  • Stronger growth
  • Are more stable
  • Stay in business longer and cash-out rather than burn-out.


At SalesSPACE, we know sales is the most important skill in a successful, sustainable business – even above your core expertise.

A mediocre architect with strong sales skills will have a more successful business than an extraordinary architect with no ability to sell.

Being an expert in what you do is only part of the equation. Being able to confidently sell is the essential skill to have if you want a successful business.

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