Bold Sales Messages For LinkedIn

To capture the attention of your connections, whether you’re commenting on posts or sending InMails through Sales Navigator, your sales messages on LinkedIn must be bold.

We’re not talking cocky, brash, arrogant or obnoxious. Being bold on LinkedIn is about captivating the attention of your audience and building respectful business relationships.

Now more than ever, everything you write, post, comment on, or upload must have a purpose – to sell. In a disconnected world, LinkedIn is the new ‘business breakfast’. If you didn’t have at least five compelling sales messages before COVID, now is not the time to procrastinate.

What are sales messages?

A sales message is any persuasive copy used to influence the way someone thinks or behaves. Your toolkit of sales messages will attract your ideal client and repel the wrong leads. They will make your website work and give you the confidence to hold a sales conversation that sells your targeted products and services.

On LinkedIn, your sales message must be a magnet that attracts and converts the right leads for your business. The bolder the statement, the stronger the lead magnet. Here are some examples:

Canon EOS: Real moments deserve a real camera.
Skin Cancer Council: Keep tanning. You look great in leather.
SalesSPACE: Make big money in small business. Halve the time to double your sales. Your influence determines your income.

5 Tips to create LinkedIn Sales Messages That Work

  1. Your message must attract and impress your ideal client
  2. It must be all about the client, not you
  3. Banish all sentences that start with I, we, your name or your business from your posts and comments
  4. Give insights they’d never normally know
  5. Highlight the assumptions you challenge

Don’t be everything to everyone

No matter how influential your messaging is, sometimes the boldest message is to say nothing.

The late Richie Benaud OBE – Australian Cricket Test Captain and famous commentator so elegantly said, “Put your brain into gear and if you can add to what’s on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up.”

Working LinkedIn is not about pleasing; it’s about being prescriptive. Tell people what is required to achieve their goals. Be brave enough to polarise – you’ll then know who is interested and who is wasting your time.

Happy InMailing!

PS – If you’d like some advice, our Million Dollar Messages Masterclasss may be just what you need.


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Bold Sales Messages For LinkedIn

To capture the attention of your connections, whether you're commenting on posts or sending InMails through Sales Navigator, your sales messages on LinkedIn must be bold. We're not talking cocky, brash, arrogant or obnoxious. Being bold on LinkedIn is about...

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