7 Critical Steps to Explode Your Lead Conversion Rate

There’s lead conversion, and then there’s the SalesSPACE way of doing lead conversion.

We’re not talking about optimising your landing pages to capture email addresses.

These 7 proven strategies to explode your lead conversion rate are for small business owners, thought leaders and service professionals who offer high-value products or services priced at $3,000 plus.

1. Targeting

When you know exactly who your ideal customer is, you’ll approach sales as a Buyer’s Coach™ rather than a cheesy salesperson. Targeting, when done right, guarantees an effective sales process and higher lead conversion rates.

2. Sales Messaging

Every sales message you create for your business must be clear, bold and proven

Sales messages include your perfect elevator pitch, your positioning statement, claims and bold, key and supplementary sales messages.

3. Brand Clarity

When you’re product or service is high-value, clients buy you, then your company, then your product.

Project a strong brand and speak with confidence and clarity, like a doctor, and you’ll elegantly influence prospects to say “yes” without ever sounding salesy.

4. Sales Collateral

In a survey conducted during the SalesSPACE Be Proven live webcast, 80 per cent of participants admitted to not having a comprehensive sales collateral toolkit.

How many pieces of sales collateral do you have to support your sales strategy? The essentials are: website, LinkedIn profile, sales brochure/s, sales slides, eBooks and published articles.

5. Proof

When was the last time you looked someone in the eye, gave a warm smile shook their hand? In the land of Zoom and online meetings, the best way to showcase your value is through proof of your results.

Proof answers the question “Why your product or service?”. You can rave on all day about how good you are, but until you offer evidence, you’ll be seen as a pushy salesperson, or worse, arrogant.

Strategies to implement to prove your value include case studies, research, testimonials, statistics, before and after photos (where appropriate) and LinkedIn Recommendations. If you have written a relevant book, this also ranks highly.

6. Content Strategy

Content creates conversations, and conversations skyrocket awareness. When you post valuable and useful content on YouTube, at your blog, in newsletters and LinkedIn Posts, you and your brand become visible to hundreds and thousands of prospects. A content and distribution strategy, planned at least three months in advance, is critical if you want to engage and inspire your audience to take action.

7. Marketing

Planning is the key to any successful marketing plan. To explode your lead conversion rate, you must have an aligned and well-planned content, marketing, and sales strategy. Are you in the 80% of business owners who don’t have a plan? If yes, we’re sure your ‘hope’ strategy will be keeping you awake at night.

Lead Conversion done the SalesSPACE way

With all your ducks lined up, exploding your lead conversion will be a cinch.

SalesSPACE teaches a proprietary sales system that guarantees a prospect never feels sold to. Graduates of the NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive training rave about their shift in mindset and excitement to finally lead sales conversations that they’re proud of. You can read the proof here.


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In today’s business landscape, social media is a driving force, and content is the critical component of any digital product. It not only informs and adds value for your audience, but the right content also has the power to foster relationships with the right people.

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In today’s business landscape, social media is a driving force, and content is the critical component of any digital product. It not only informs and adds value for your audience, but the right content also has the power to foster relationships with the right people.

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