3 Tips To Living In The YES Zone

When it comes to converting leads into clients, nothing beats a dose of good old-fashioned positivity. When there’s no salesperson on your payroll, you are the salesperson. To be as masterful at selling as you are in your chosen profession, you must live in The YES Zone. The YES Zone converts you from a cheesy salesperson into a respected Buyer’s Coach®, someone who is professional, personable and perceptive.

What is The YES Zone?

The YES Zone is a term coined by Rachel Bourke and Colin Eggins, the Founders of SalesSPACE. People in The YES Zone are mentally and physically ready to lead a sales conversation. They are confident, committed, and conscious of the evolving situation.

When an elite athlete is on the start line, they know they have prepared mentally and physically the best they can. They are 100% in The YES Zone. While nerves may be present, they are committed to giving their all.

Being your salesperson is no different. With the right mental and physical preparation, you will enter a sales conversation in The YES Zone. Enter in any other state, and your prospect will instantly sense incongruence and a lack of belief. Before you even say a word, their instinctual brain will have switched into the NO zone, and the sale will be lost.

Three tips to get you in The YES Zone

Anyone not in The YES Zone is in the NO zone, and no sale will occur with either the buyer or seller in ‘The NO’.

Here are three tips to ensure you enter your next sales conversation in The YES Zone.

Preparation is key

When you pick up the phone, start a Zoom meeting, or (we can’t wait!) get back into face-to-face conversations, you must thoroughly prepare. Your level of preparation enters the conversation with its persona, brimming with alluring confidence before you even say a word.

Being prepared and in The YES Zone ensures you will lead the conversation, rather than react. Thorough preparation includes crafting your unique selling point, knowing your competitors and being ready to respond with elegance to any price objections.

When you’re prepared, there will be no surprises. Fear is replaced by clarity, and your brain will fill with serotonin. You’ll be able to focus on your client – giving them the essential feeling of ‘importance’.

Believe in your product or service

Truly believing in what you are doing in business, and that its right for you and your clients, is transformational.

This sense of security releases dopamine, for you and your prospect. You’ll experience a calm reassurance that makes you feel secure, and your prospect will feel a heightened level of hope that your product or service will meet their needs. Security is a necessary (ancient) human need. Create that atmosphere and experience the joy of elegantly leading a sales conversation that converts leads into clients.

Build trust

Without trust, there won’t be a sales conversation! By clearly and openly articulating what your offer is, and what your offer is NOT, you are empowering your client to make a sound decision, giving them a wave of oxytocin and promoting feelings of trust.

When you lead with positive behaviour, you’ll draw those around you into The Yes Zone and create the perfect buying environment.

Live in The YES Zone and easily convert leads into clients

Anyone not in The Yes Zone is in the NO zone, and no sale can be made with either the buyer or seller in ‘The NO’.

People buy from positive people. Your ability to project positivity and confidence is critical to lead conversion and sales success.


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