How to Build A Sales Strategy

Consistently hitting your monthly targets as a small business owner is hard.

Blindly leading a business may work if you’re the local convenience store in a small town. But if your business goal is to see a decent profit and healthy revenue, winging it is not an option.

You must have a sales system that is proven and repeatable to implement your overall sales strategy and achieve your business goals.

Brilliant years of revenue and profit come and go with the tide. Unless you have a loyal base of clients who return to you time and time again, you must be in constant search of the next lead and have the skills and confidence to close the next sale.

If you’re not conscious of your role as your salesperson, the pressure of continually chasing leads and making sales calls will become overwhelming and leave you feeling stressed.

There is a better way!

Implementing a sales strategy in your business founded on neuroscience, and which elegantly influences a lead to a decision, is a game-changer.

When your professional skills are matched by your ability to sell, that’s when you experience phenomenal revenue growth. Expertise and a big vision, when supported by a meticulously designed sales system, is a match made in heaven.

How does a sales strategy reduce stress in small business?

Would you build a house without a plan? We don’t think so.

If you’ve been winging it, hoping the fear will subside and the cash will flow, STOP!

Like a top-shelf cookbook, a sales strategy is an excellent recipe you can rely on for perfect results.

A proven sales system that is repeatable and enjoyable to execute, when followed consistently, ensures you lead structured sales conversations that convert. Having a process means you own your success – you know what you did that worked and realise it is repeatable.

The SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach® methodology and System to Seamless Sales™ will give you the tools and action steps to craft your sales strategy and refine your approach to sales conversations.

Rather than feel like a pushy salesperson driven by dollars, you’ll be known as a conscious professional motivated by a purpose to enhance the lives of your clients. You’ll become a Buyer’s Coach™.


Sales system vs no sales system

Are you an order taker or a sales maker?

If you don’t have a sales system, you’re an order taker.

Do you spend your days waiting for sales to flow? If the economy is booming, happy days. However, when market conditions turn for the worse, or your market becomes oversaturated, securing new clients will be challenging.

To become a formidable sales maker, you must have a sales system that perfectly complements and supports your business and marketing plans.

The SalesSPACE Buyer’s Coach™ methodology and SalesSPACE System to Seamless Sales™ will set you on the right path.

Sales strategy vs a marketing plan

At SalesSPACE, we firmly believe that the fortune is in the follow-up.

Why spend money on marketing to generate leads if you don’t have a sales strategy to follow them up and close deals?

A robust marketing plan identifies where your customers are and prescribes unique and effective ways to reach them. It’s the promotional side of your business – the content plan, social media, paid advertising, and other activities you undertake and the content you distribute to attract the right leads to your business.

At SalesSPACE, we firmly believe that a sales strategy must come first for marketing to be effective.

Our trademarked sales strategy systems aim to generate increased revenue and profits for our clients.

Susan Hunter is a graduate of the SalesSPACE NeuroInfluence Sales Intensive 3-day Virtual Sales Training

The System to Seamless Sales™ provides the strategy and structure to execute your plan. Together, they propel you into Sales Excellence.

Four steps to creating your perfect sales plan

A sales plan sets out how you (and your staff, if you have them) will turn leads into conversations that lead to conversions and your existing clients into loyal repeat customers.
When carving out a sales plan, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is different, and every customer is unique. The key to crafting a successful sales plan is to do some deep thinking upfront.

1. Targeting

Targeting guarantees the 20% of your week that you spend selling, you achieve a 75% conversion rate. When you identify your ideal customers, your ability to convert leads into clients will be transformed. There are five rules you must follow to do worthwhile targeting. You’ll need to set aside at least two hours if you are serious about finding your ideal customers that will buy in any economic climate.

2. What to do and what to say

Armed with everything you need to know about your ideal client, it’s time to define your sales strategy.

  • What are your sales objectives?
  • How are your objectives broken down between existing and new customers?

3. How to say it

To be successful at sales, preparation is non-negotiable. If you’re selling your expertise or a high-value product, winging it won’t cut it.

Great salespeople use a script like a compass to maintain direction.

Failure to thoroughly prepare and rehearse the perfect elevator pitch and sales script will leave you feeling like a pushy salesperson and your prospect feeling underwhelmed or, worse, disappointed.

If the fortune is in the follow-up, practice makes for perfect sales conversations.

The words you say and the way you use them can have a significant effect on others. Your words and their delivery are critical to how you sell your product or service. Your ability to master language and communication is essential in creating rapport with others and conveying your messages and meaning.

4. When to say it

The timing of your sales messages is critical because:

  • Certain market conditions and demands can make your leads more or less likely to do business with you
  • Where your client is in the buying cycle influences the timing and style of your sales conversation

Create a plan, steer your business’s future

The word “business” comes from the concept of being “busy”. In business, busyness creates anxiety. Do you feel overwhelmed by Zoom meetings, online training and client chats? SalesSPACE can change that.

Careful planning provides a vision and quantifiable means of achieving your business goals. A detailed plan also helps relieve stress and anxiety!

Whilst a sales plan is just one amongst a myriad of action steps, it has the most tangible outcome – more sales.

Stop saying, “I want my business to grow”.

Set a clear plan: “I will make my business grow by implementing a sales plan which achieves objectives X, Y, and Z by deadlines A, B and C”.

Next steps

Armed with this knowledge, create your sales plan. Review your performance on a regular, scheduled basis, and refine your strategy as you progress from small business success to global superstar!

There are 20 steps you must complete to create a sales plan that will convert more than 75% of your leads into clients.

Click here to book a call with SalesSPACE founder and head trainer Rachel Bourke, and discover the steps you must take to transform your small business bank balance from mediocre to mind-boggling!


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